5 CBD Buying Mistakes Everyone Makes (And How To Avoid Them!)

CBD is one of the smartest choices for fitness enthusiasts looking for 100% organic, vegan, dietary supplement that adds to your health in a number of ways. Treating chronic pain, curbing your anxiety levels, and helping you deal with sleep issues are some of the top health benefits as reported by avid CBD users.

But as lucrative as it may sound, CBD only works for you when you buy it right. Yes, there are a lot of caveats related to purchasing CBD products online. While CBD itself comes without any serious side effects, you can end up buying a sub-par quality product or may get duped for fake promises.

This is a real concern and has been covered by Reader’s Digest extensively in their article on Fake CBD products.

Therefore, to be a smart CBD shopper and to buy value-for-money CBD products, you can rely on Welll – Pure CBD Oil that gives satisfactory products, avoid the following 5 CBD buying mistakes.

Beware of Cheap CBD Products

As CBD products got popular, opportunistic sellers started invading the market with cheap CBD products in hopes of undercutting the competition. Genuine CBD products are far from cheap and you need to beware of not falling for the price game here.

We did a price comparison of top-selling CBD products in the market and found out that the price is dependent on two primary factors;

  • CBD potency

  • Product quantity

Potency refers to the concentration of CBD per unit volume of the product. The higher the potency, the stronger it will act on your body, similar to the “mg” potency of prescription medicines. Quantity refers to the total weight or volume of the product you’re buying.

Quality CBD oil, for instance, is close to $0.5 – $2 per ml for the potency of 300-600 mg. These figures have been gathered after comparing the top 5 CBD oils suggested by Healthline, hence, are subject to change. But the takeaway is that you should avoid buying any product that is below this price range – it’s probably counterfeit.

Buy Products Made from US Grown Hemp

If you’re buying CBD products in the US, it’s best to go for US-grown hemp. This is because most US-based manufacturers choose to go for a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which is proof that the product has been lab-tested and offers the proposed benefits.

Hemp that is sourced from elsewhere may or may not be able to meet the quality standards set for US consumers, and comes with a high risk of containing toxins. Therefore, whenever you’re buying CBD online, it’s a smart move to first check if the product has a COA or not.

Superchill products that offer CBD gummies, CBD oils and more, offer a COA that you can view here. Such a COA is ardent proof of buying genuine CBD, and not settling for something that is not tested.

Remember that CBD products are not FDA-approved yet. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the CBD you’re buying has been tested for quality and safety.

Everyone is Not Selling the Same CBD

CBD comes in a number of varieties, product types, and organic structures. The most popular forms of CBD are broad-spectrum and isolate. Broad-spectrum CBD contains companion compounds that are derived from hemp while isolate CBD is nothing but CBD in its true form.

Further, your manufacturer may have tinkered with the product to add special qualities to it such as exotic aromas or food colourings. These factors change the final product, making it highly specific to the source of origin.

Therefore, all CBD products are not made equal. Each brand that is selling CBD has its own CBD composition and design. It’s important to educate yourself first about CBD types and what they do.

It’s important to note that broad-spectrum CBD may contain permissible quantities of THC (another compound found alongside CBD in the hemp plant). THC is good only when it is less than 0.3% in the product. Make sure you check this before buying the product.

Buying CBD Without Understanding What it does

CBD is quickly becoming an eco-friendly and organic choice of health enthusiasts. It has almost become a trend in the dietary supplements industry, due to which people are buying CBD without knowing what to expect out of it.

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As a good buying practice, you should know the kind of effect you want to obtain out of it. An increasing number of people buy CBD for curbing their anxiety and wear off tiredness after a long day of work. Fitness enthusiasts also use it to improve their workout efficiency and deal with muscle spasms.

If your goals are aligned to these use cases, then CBD is the right thing for you. It is quite effective as a natural pain reliever and is good for mental health. But contrary to popular hoaxes, it’s not a wonder drug and can’t cure just any disease that it touches.

Not Paying Attention to CBD Potency

The last factor in the line is CBD’s potency that we had mentioned earlier. A large number of products don’t mention the potency at all which can be a red flag. Potency is very important to note while purchasing CBD, especially if you’re just beginning to explore it.

It’s recommendable to go for a lower potency product and then scale it up as you observe how well it works for you. Going for a higher potency product may produce an overwhelming response. Users who have taken CBD earlier understand how to regulate their dosage.

Remember that different potency levels will have different effects for each individual. It’s very important to understand and respect your body’s response to CBD.

CBD as Conventional Treatment

CBD has been used in numerous clinical preliminaries for treating cancer, as it has been observed to support the impact of chemotherapy. Of lately, individuals have accepted the fact that purchasing CBD oil is a protected and savvy venture for overall human health. They report enhancements in numerous conditions in the wake of taking even limited quantities of this item. Although the reports are not untrue, cannabidiol can do numerous miracles for your wellbeing, but its use as a supplement must be critically monitored.

Most clinical experts don’t consider cannabidiol as a medicine, it’s as yet not authoritatively supported as a regular treatment. However, numerous individuals report an improvement in their everyday working when utilizing CBD oil. Yet, that doesn’t make it a mysterious remedy for this infection.

Along these lines, don’t succumb to counterfeit advertisements publicizing CBD as a fix-all substance. If you endure any genuine ailment, you shouldn’t use or join it with traditional medications without clinical management.

Trust Everything Online

Approaching traffic to sites selling CBD is probably the greatest issue. With hemp items turning out to be so famous, numerous organizations have been building up destinations to help individuals get them. Alongside witnessing the CBD costs rising, numerous individuals are going to the internet to discover great arrangements.

In any case, there are numerous risks to purchasing CBD on the web, some of which are very normal. The online commercial center has likewise become an engaging spot for illicit organizations. They couldn’t care less about the trustworthiness of their items or the wellbeing of substances they use.

Tragically, a considerable lot of these are tricks. They are fronts for inferior quality or phony items hoping to make a speedy buck from vendors who couldn’t care less about the low cost or bogus advertisements.

That is the reason why purchasing CBD oil just from a legitimate vendor or e-store if the online buy is your solitary alternative.

Before buying any kind of CBD oil, it’s prudent to guarantee that you are getting anything but a legitimate product. Everything necessary is a touch of exploration. You can’t profit with counterfeit items, so attempt to stay away from them to guard your cash and wellbeing.

Not Doing More Research About CBD Oil

There are numerous varieties of CBD sold on the lookout. Being broadly accessible in the market doesn’t imply that any structure is appropriate for you. Take as much time as necessary to do some examination and track down the right CBD oil appropriate for your particular need.

You can discover diverse CBD items like oils, edibles, moisturizers, chewy candies, creams, and topicals. They’re likewise accessible in various qualities, including wide range, full range, and disengage CBD. You need to track down the right variety and strength relying upon the seriousness of your condition.

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Purchasing CBD From Any Old Store

The CBD market is unregulated; thus any vendor can get on the lookout. Lamentably, not these merchants have any consideration about the level of health you seek to maintain. They will sell you low-quality CBD without any notice of the results.

When purchasing CBD on the web, you ought to do everything necessary to check the authenticity of the vendor. Profoundly trustworthy merchants need the best for their clients and will not hazard selling you ineffectual items. They’ll even encourage you on the most proficient method to utilize the items and the results to look out for.

Before purchasing, check the site of the vendor and confirm that they’re respectable. Check the surveys of individuals who’ve bought from the store previously. Along these lines, you’ll know if you can confide in the seller.

Not Choosing Lab-Tested CBD

A respectable organization will either have lab tests accessible on its site or at your solicitation. If it doesn’t, time to begin investigating different items. Regardless of whether you’re sure your CBD item was made with hemp high-quality techniques, you should in every case know the entirety of the subtleties. Any legitimate hemp-made CBD item must be lab tried.

This is another approach to ensure you’re ingesting precisely what you see recorded in the jug’s fixings and that there aren’t any amazements that could make you wiped out or essentially make the item not work for you.

Not Keeping a Journal of Your CBD Use

A CBD journal is a must.

Here’s why – Since everybody responds contrastingly to cannabis, the CBD portion that works for one individual may not work for another.

Since everything cannabis has to offer, generally requires a touch of experimentation, it is important to keep track of the amount you take and when, so you realize how to change your CBD medication to get the outcomes you’re after.

In your CBD diary, keep note of the following:

  • The CBD item you take
  • How you felt the following day
  • What time you took the CBD
  • The amount CBD you burn-through

As such, you can think back on your notes to adjust your CBD routine. This is a particularly accommodating activity in case you’re testing unique items and techniques for an organization as it’s natural to forget which item caused you to feel the specific way.

Anticipating Instant Results

Numerous hemp CBD users hope to feel something immediately. And keeping in mind that this is conceivable, it’s anything but the standard. Truth be told, you’ll have to develop your CBD levels before you begin to see changes. Furthermore, this can require weeks or even months.

Analysts presently believe that numerous medical issues are a consequence of an imbalanced endocannabinoid framework (ECS).

The ECS is the organization of receptors found all through the body, affecting everything from torment the board to mindset to assimilation.

You can bring your ECS back into balance by enhancing normal endocannabinoids with cannabinoids in cannabis. All things considered, once in a while, you need to burn through CBD for quite a long time to see an improvement in your wellbeing.


Try and avoid these mistakes while buying CBD online. These simple tactics will help you make your CBD experience highly rewarding and aligned with your expectations. CBD has the potential your transform your health but only when you’re consuming quality stuff, which is susceptible to deception online, and worse, may cause unwanted side effects. Hence, be CBD smart with these CBD buying points!

5 CBD Buying Mistakes Everyone Makes (And How To Avoid Them!)

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