Understanding the Difference Between Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Dogs

So many people are confused about the difference between hemp oil vs. CBD oil for dogs. Are they the same? The answer to that will be gotten through this article. The main difference between the two is cannabinoids. Hemp oil does not contain cannabinoids, while CBD does.

What to look for in hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs

 Pet owners should pay attention to the ingredients that make up the product. When you know the ingredients, it will be easy to separate the two from each other. You have to look out for the following when you want to buy your pet’s product:

  • Input of the Veterinarian: The best pet product should pass through the input of the veterinarian who knows exactly what the dog actually needs.
  • THC level: The THC level should be below the level of detection. This is necessary to ensure that your dog does not get intoxicated. In order to make the right choice between Cbd oil vs hemp oil for dogs; make sure you understand the needs of your dog before you choose between the two feeds.
  • Country of origin: The 2018 farm bill has put the US ahead of other countries in the growth and cultivation of hemp. The product from the US is monitored from plating to the shelf.

Let us take a look at the two oils on an individual basis.

What is hemp oil for dogs?

There is a difference between hemp and marijuana, though both are species of cannabis plants. If a company is unable to differentiate between the two, then does not have anything to do with them. The hemp plant cannot boast of all the beneficial compounds that are associated with marijuana. The THC levels in hemp plants are on the higher side.

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What is CBD oil for dogs?

The CBD oil will not get your dog high because there are low levels of THC in the oil. They are derived from hemp flowers and leaves that are rich in cannabinoids. There are likely trace elements of THC that are about 0.3% or less in some cases. Understanding the ingredients will help make the right choice in Cbd oil vs hemp oil for dogs.

The benefits of hemp oil to dogs

The hemp oil provides a soothing effect on dogs. They have the potential to calm swelling and irritation in dogs because of the presence of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. The presence of fatty acids will be of help to the dog in the following respects:

  • Heart disease
  • Joint discomfort
  • Nervousness about
  • To some extent, abnormal cell growth in dogs 

The benefits of CBD for dogs

Your dog will get the following benefits from CBD oil:

  • It regulates the pet’s respiration.
  • Helps digestion.
  • It reduces nervousness in dogs.
  • Boosts the immune system of dogs.


Q: What is hemp oil for dogs?

A: Hemp oils are different from oils obtained from marijuana. Hemp does not contain all the compounds that are found in marijuana.

Q: What is CBD for dogs?

A: The CBD oil contains more CBD in its leaves and flowers than THC. It does not cause high blood pressure in dogs.

Q: Which is better between hemp and CBD oil?

A: Both have advantages for your dog. But, we give it to CBD oil because of the many benefits that come from it. It contains less THC that produces the high.

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So which do you prefer between hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs? We have elaborated on the benefits that your dog can get from both oils. It can be seen that CBD oil has an edge over hemp oil. This is major because of the little amount of THC in the oil.

Understanding the Difference Between Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Dogs

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