How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

For new CBD users and some experienced users, you might be asking how long does CBD stay in your system? Although the question seems straightforward, it can be a challenge to come up with a precise answer. This is because various factors affect how the body reacts and processes CBD. It’s these factors that determine how fast it will be digested and leave the body. But the fact is that this chemical cannot stay in your body for more than a week.

Several studies have been conducted to determine the exact time CBD takes to leave the body, but it’s also evident that the time is variant on different individuals. The time also varies depending on the method of consumption.

Naturally, a chemical’s half-life determines the time it takes to leave the body. Half-life is the time taken by the liver and kidneys to eliminate half the amount of a compound from the body. If the half-life of orally taken CBD is two days, half of the CBD ultimately leaves the body in 2 days. After 4-5 days, we expect that the chemical is cleared from your system. Generally, CBD takes 3-7 days to go the body for heavy uses and 2-3 days for light users.

How Long Do The Effects of CBD Last?

Although CBD lasts in the body for some days, the effects are evident for a few hours. This is why users love to take it severally. The time the effects of CBD are seen depends on three factors:

  1. Mode of consumption.
  2. Bodyweight.
  3. CBD usage history.

The best way to estimate how long the effects last in the body is first to note when you start feeling the effects after ingesting it. If you take is sublingually or inhale it, it will take a few minutes to get the effects, and they won’t last long.

For those who want to get prolonged effects, say 4 hours; consume the CBD edibles or apply it topically. Don’t forget that the effects are only felt on the part where you use it and not the whole body.

How long it Take for CBD to Work?

If you start researching this topic, you are likely to get diverse answers from respondents. You will realize that some get effect immediately while others take some time to get these effects. To understand this topic better, we have to factor in how CBD is consumed. Let’s look at the methods of CBD administration:

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CBD is available in various forms to meet user needs. One is where they are infused in beauty products such as creams and balms that you can apply topically. Use of CBD effectively manages pain. This chemical activates the Endocannabinoid system to respond against pain.

The good thing about this method of CBD administration is that the chemical doesn’t enter your bloodstream.

Because this chemical can combat pain, it’s excellent to use topical administration to relieve pain on a specific body part.

Sublingual Oil.

Use of sublingual drops is one of the fastest methods of consumption in the market today. The effects of consuming CBD oils are felt immediately. In less than 5 minutes, you will feel the effects of taking this chemical. The best way to consume these oils is to place them under your tongue. Always use the recommended dosage to maximize the effects. It’s advisable to hold the liquid under your tongue for a minute or two before swallowing.

The liquid is directly absorbed by the salivary glands and proceed to the bloodstream. Of course, you will get more effects than in topical application. Whenever you want to get the effects of CBD immediately, use this method of administration.


This is another popular method of CBD administration by its users. Other than being popular, it has renowned benefits compared to the other methods. It would be best if you had a vaporizer to vape CBD oil effectively. Immediately you inhale CBD into your lungs. It is directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

It takes a similar time with the sublingual method to feel the effects. To date, vaporization is the most effective method of CBD administration. Vaporized cannabidiol has the most significant bioavailability.

When you administer CBD orally, only 5-15% is absorbed into the bloodstream while 25% is absorbed when administered sublingually. When the same is vaped, between 20-50% is absorbed into the body.

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Consumption Method and the Time for CBD to Leave the System.

The method of consumption has a direct correlation to how soon the compound leaves your system. In most cases, the more you get the effects faster, the less time it takes to leave your body system. This means that edibles stay longer in the body as opposed to sublingual and vaporizing administration.

Does CBD Show Up in a Drug Test?

Cannabis contains CBD and THC compounds. CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect like THC. The CBD compound is usually used for `medicinal qualities.

Unfortunately, some products may contain some traces of THC which can accumulate in your body and see your drug test turning positive. However, if you only take pure CBD compounds, the THC drug test cannot turn positive. Checking the product label before purchasing it is paramount to ascertain what you are taking home.

To be sure of the compound you consume and avoid a drug test frustration, prefer to use CBD isolates instead of full-spectrum CBD. These isolates have more than 99% pure CBD. Don’t forget to buy from reliable websites to avoid repercussions.

Final Thoughts.

We must accept that people are different and the same way, CBD takes varying times to leave the body. With variable usage habits and metabolic systems, but CBD is not likely to stay in the body for more than a week.

It’s our hope you now know how long does CBD stay in your system? You are in a better position to make informed decisions on where, how, and when to use CBD products.

Always make sure you buy affordable but guaranteed quality CBD products that have no side effects on your health.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

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