How Shatter Weed is Made & The Best Way to Use it

If there were a beauty contest between weed products, shatter would definitely win. Aesthetically superior, potent and powerful, shatter ranks at the top when ranking weed products. It is a type of weed extract with a high content of THC in it and is very powerful. You just need a small amount to smoke or vape to get its full-blown effect.

Have you ever wondered how shatter is made? You are not alone. While shatter is definitely the most fascinating weed product, it is made by following a precise extraction process. Everyone can make shatter but not all shatter products are of top-notch quality. Which is why, users like to buy shatter online in Canada.

Knowing how shatter is made can help you understand its properties even better. It will also help you use it effectively for the best results.

Shatter is a Marijuana Extract

Shatter is basically a weed extract that is made by extracting the cannabis plant’s essential oils. The extract contains cannabinoids like THC and CBD, terpenes, and other types of chemical compounds. The THC percentage in shatter is really high and it can reach up to 90% or more. So, you can guess that a small amount is enough to get you high.

Where does the name shatter come from?

Shatter name simply refers to its texture which resembles glass both in look and the way it shatters when dropped to the ground. The beautiful golden hue adds to its attraction.

Shatter is not for the beginners. It is too powerful to handle and as a beginner, you must start slow. There are plenty of weed products to explore and you will become an expert user by the time you reach the level of shatter.

Shatter Weed

How Shatter is Extracted

Shatter is created by the process of extraction, which means the compounds are extracted from the plant material. Plant materials are thoroughly ground and then a solvent is blasted through the material to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from it. Solvents, such as butane, hexane, isopropyl, or CO2 are often used for extracting shatter. Then the mixture is purged using heat and vacuum to remove the solvent used in the extraction process. The resulting concentrate is used for making various types of extracts like wax, budder and shatter.

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The process is simple, but DIY doesn’t always work the way you want it to be. It will be easier if you buy it. Buy shatter in Canada from a reliable online store and you can easily enjoy the power of this popular weed extract, at home.

What is the best Method to Use Shatter?

Weed products whether they are bud or shatter for edibles can be used in many different ways. You can eat, drink, and smoke weed. There are various ways you can use weed but not all of them are effective. When it comes to using shatter, vaping and dabbing are the best methods.

Here is how you can use shatter using a vape and dab device:

  • Vaping – You need a vape pen for it. Choose a vaping device that is specifically designed for vaping shatter or wax. The vape pens come with multiple heat settings to quickly heat shatter to the point where it melts and turns into vapor. The vapor then travels to the mouthpiece from where you can inhale it.
  • Dabbing – Dab is a bit complicated, but is one of the best methods for smoking weed. Take a small amount of shatter and dab it on the surface of the nail, which is heated using a butane torch (you can use another method). As soon as the nail heats up, the shatter will start melting and the vapor will travel to the water chamber from where you can inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.

These are the two most effective ways to use shatter. You can easily buy cheap shatter in Canada without compromising on the quality. Always make sure to buy high-quality weed products whether it’s bud or shatter.

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Why Shatter is Popular

Shatter is a popular weed extract for many reasons. High potency and efficiency are the top reasons. Quick onset is another reason why weed users love shatter. It contains more than 90% of THC and other compounds in it. This makes it a powerful weed extract. Since you just need a small amount to get high, the product usually lasts longer than say edibles or buds. This feature also makes it a highly affordable option. You can save a lot of money. It is a highly efficient weed product as you can quickly use it with a vaping pen or dab rigs. The devices heat up quickly and shatter and melt into vapor to be inhaled.

Where to Buy Shatter in Canada

You can buy shatter in Canada online. It is easy and convenient and you can easily buy high-quality shatter in Canada from the comfort of your home. Always make sure to choose a seller with good reviews and a wide range of products.

The Bottomline

Shatter is one of the best weed extracts that offers better high than most of the weed products. They are easy to use and highly potent with a very high percentage of THC in it. If you want to take your weed game to the next level, shatter is the best option. Make sure that you buy the best quality shatter online in Canada.

How Shatter Weed is Made & The Best Way to Use it

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