Expert tips on how to smoke weed and not get caught

The smoke of weed has a distinct smell that can attract the people around you. In many cities, it is against the law to smoke weed. So, how do you smoke weed and not get caught? What you are about to read represents strategies that you can use to smoke both indoors and outdoors without anyone noticing you.

How to smoke weed and not get caught in the bathroom

  • When you are inside the bathroom, seal up the door gaps from end to end with a towel under the door. This will prevent the smoke from going outside.
  • Keep the showers running. This is a good excuse to stay longer in the bathroom. The steam will help cover up the odor of the weed.
  • Direct the smoke towards the window or vent.
  • Go ahead and shampoo your hair. The aroma of the shampoo will fill the room.
  • Flush the ashes and other evidence of the weed.
  • Finish by covering the smell with an air freshener.

Smoking in the bedroom

Now, let us look at how you can smoke weed in the bedroom without anyone hearing the smell.

  • Hair has the ability to hold smells better than other parts of the body. Cover your hair with a bandana.
  • Take off your shirt or, at worst, roll up the sleeve of your shirt. Your clothes can let you in; hence, you are advised to take them off and, if possible, put on a smoking jacket.
  • Burn some incense or scented candles in the room while you smoke
  • Place a damp towel under the door to prevent smoke from escaping under the door.
  • Open a window and direct as much air through the window as possible.
  • Blow the smoke towards an exit with a fan
  • Cover up with a lingering smell when you are through with smoking.
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How to smoke weed and not get caught by filtering smoke through Sploof

We cannot leave out the strategy of sploofing in how to smoke weed and not get caught. Gather some sploof materials. Keep dryer sheets handy. When you blow your smoke into a dry sheet stuffed tube, it will pass through and come out with the smell of dryer sheets.

When you stuff some scented dryer sheets into the tube, you will succeed in covering the smell of the weed.

You can use the strategies above to cover up the smell of weed.

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Disposing of evidence

  • Make sure you extinguish the weed when you are through.
  • Clean up your ash tray.
  • Dispose of any evidence.
  • How to smoke weed and not get caught


Q: What preventive measures can you take to avoid punishment?

A: Make sure you are aware of the laws governing marijuana use in the state that you are residing in. When you go by the laws, it will be easy to evade all forms of punishment that come with marijuana use.

Q: What do I do when I am caught red-handed?

A: You must be polite if you are caught. Follow the direct orders that the cop gives you even if you have reason to believe the order is illegal. You can get the order thrown out in court.

Q: Do I give up evidence on my own?

A: No. If you know you could be in more trouble than the fine, then do not give up evidence on your own accord. It is best to allow an attorney to speak on your behalf.

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The best ways to how to smoke weed and not get caught have been delivered above. You can do it in the bathroom, bedroom as well as with sploof. The strategies are for real.


Expert tips on how to smoke weed and not get caught

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