The Difference Between Hemp CBD Oil vs Marijuana CBD Oil

You might have seen oils labeled hemp CBD and marijuana CBD oil. Are they the same? We are going to consider hemp CBD oil vs. marijuana CBD oil and take a look at the differences that exist between the two. Each of them has its own individual benefits. When you buy any of the oils, you can be assured that you are investing in two different compositions of oils. Enjoy.

The entourage effect of hemp CBD oil vs. marijuana CBD oil

The major components of cannabis are CBD and THC. The combination of the two is known as the entourage effect of the oil. The level of THC in the separate oils makes a huge difference between them. The hemp CBD oil has 0.3% THC. The marijuana CBD oil is has under 1 mg/ml of THC. It might be less in some cases.

CBD percentage

Another factor that separates the two oils is the content of the CBD contained in the separate oils. The more useful aspect of the component in this oil is CBD, and you will get this in its natural state in marijuana CBD oil. Marijuana has 20% more CBD concentration than hemp oil.

Their source of origin

Another major difference between the oils is their origin. The hemp CBD oil is gotten through the hemp plant. Marijuana CBD oil is gotten from the marijuana plant.

Their use

The hemp plant is used in the manufacture of consumables because of the low THC in it. But, the marijuana plant is used in the manufacture of medicine.

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The producers that sell hemp CBD oil are placed under very strict surveillance. The products are tested by the regulatory bodies before they are allowed into the market. Make sure the oil you buy has the seal of approval if you want to be on the safe side of the divide. There are several oils that are not regulated on the shelf. This is not the case with marijuana CBD oil.

Their appearance

The two are plant-based. It will be difficult to differentiate hemp CBD oil from marijuana CBD oil by physical appearance. The difference can be seen when the oils are in their original forms and the method involved in their processing.

Consumption and Utility

The farming of the two plants dates back to thousands of years ago. Thousands of years ago, the two plants were grown as consumables and for survival.

Hemp CBD Oil vs Marijuana CBD Oil


A: No. It depends on the region that you find yourself. Before purchasing any bottle, research the laws in existence in your area. It is a wise step that will keep you away from trouble.

Q: Which consumption method can I use?

A: There are two ways to consume this wonder oil. You can decide to vape it or consume it in your food. If you vape it, the results will come in quickly but, it might have adverse effects on your lungs. You can consume it as an edible, but the effects will come on low.

Q: How safe are products containing hemp seeds and CBD oil?

A: It is safe. There is no trace of THC in such oils. If THC exists in any case, the level of it in the oil is very low. You will never get high if you consume the oil. 

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When we take a professional look at hemp CBD oil vs marijuana CBD oil, they are different entities and produce different effects on the body system. The differences between them have been analyzed above.

The Difference Between Hemp CBD Oil vs Marijuana CBD Oil

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