Professional tips on the right CBD dosage for migraines?

A Migraine is not a regular headache. The pain is higher and can last for between 5-72 hrs. Any movement or bright light has the capacity to trigger the pain. CBD is effective in the treatment of migraines. Our focus will be on CBD dosage for migraines. There is no one-size-fix for everyone here. It is a matter of the changing needs of each patient and their endocannabinoid system.

CBD dosage for migraines based on the endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system in humans controls the health of people. The level of this system in people suffering from migraines drops to about 50%. This presents a big issue in the body. This oil has the capacity to revive the system. You must start with a low dose of this oil. 5mg per day is recommended. You can increase the dose on a daily basis. If you notice reactions, then cut down on the dose.

The migraine triggers

The issues that trigger migraines are on an individual basis. But, you are going to get a direct response to the trigger from CBD. The oil that is used for controlling anxiety matters is different from the one that will be used to control issues resulting from neck pain. This is where the issue of the ideal dosage comes up. The correct dosage is based on the nature of the trigger.

The way you absorb CBD dosage for migraines

Apart from the issue of trigger, the way you absorb the oil into your system is another way that will determine the dosage of this oil. Absorption methods such as inhalation, oral, sublingual and topical creams have different advantages as well as absorption rates. The CBD dosage for migraines will be determined by the way you absorb the oil into your body.

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The entourage effect

Another factor that will determine the dose of CBD is the entourage effect. Oils with an entourage effect are much more potent when compared with other variants. The dosage is lower with oils that have entourage effects. If you are buying full-spectrum oil, make sure it is from a reputable company. There are fake products on the counter these days.


Q: How do I find my CBD dose?

A: It is important to start with a small dose. Large doses increase oxidative stress, inflammation, as well as migraines. Start with 5mg per day. Increase the dose by 5mg on a weekly basis. If you feel any side effects, then reduce the dose.

Q: How long will it take CBD to prevent migraines?

A: The majority of studies on the effect of migraine on the human system show that it will take about three months for results to manifest. Some people may experience immediate relief. We advise you to take additional measures that will promote the endocannabinoid system.

Q: What are the side effects of a higher dose?

A: CBD is completely safe. There are no pronounced negative side effects from an overdose. The only sign of an overdose is when you feel sleepy and drowsy after taking the dose. It is a clear sign that what you have taken is too much for you.


There is no clear-cut direction on CBD dosage for migraines. It is an individual thing that is based on the level of endocannabinoid in an individual’s body. The way you take in the oil is another factor. When you buy the full spectrum, you will need fewer doses. It should be noted that drowsiness is a sign of overdose. When you feel drowsy after taking a dose, cut down on your dosage.

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Professional tips on the right CBD dosage for migraines?

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